Secrets of Storytellers

A podcast featuring best-selling business authors discussing stories, concepts and secrets from their authoring journeys.

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So who are the guys behind the mic?

The Presenters

The team consists of young, creative and passionate guys to bring original and quality content for everyone. The podcast germinated during the lockdown because the founders wanted to put their time to better use than binging on OTT platforms but it soon became a platform that everyone looked upto and respected given its the only of its kind in India and features the best authors in the business space.

Aditi Bapte
Aditi Bapte

Aditi makes sure you don't skip our posts on social media or any other platform that you witness us on. She has a knack for carving out beautiful pieces from language and build content to make our posts impactful. She is a painter, poet (goes by The 3AM Poet on Instagram), brilliant cook and a dozen other things. She is also a Ph.D. in something beyond the scope of our understanding. By the way, this is the only content she hasn't written herself at SOS.

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